Glebe Point Road: Clipper Cafe and La Banette Pâtisserie

21 Mar

I love a good café in a terrace. This led me to the Sydney Uni end of Glebe Point Road, first stop Clipper Cafe. It’s super cute, and the perfect cosy spot to take shelter in the downpour of last Saturday afternoon.

It was a short and sweet visit: one coffee (Alchemy blend and quite nice but nothing massively special), one chai (with just the right amount of spice and depth of flavour), and one banana bread between two. The banana bread was probably the highlight and definitely worthy of a picture. Piled generously with berry compote and ricotta, it was far superior to the standard edition banana bread.

Banana bread with berry compote and ricotta

Love the vintage-chic décor, ‘bicycles on walls’ style. Friendly, relaxed wait staff. Not too busy but it was quite late in the afternoon. Free wi-fi – good. Cash only – bad. Overall, I quite like.

While I was in the ‘hood I had a quick scope of the La Banette Pâtisserie right next door…also super cute.

This little place was so packed at 4.30pm I couldn’t get in for a proper look, so they must be doing something right. A return visit an hour later was much more successful. They have a beautiful selection of French pâtisserie classics. Think opera cakes, custard tarts, petit fours, sourdough baguettes, quiches and pies. I also have it on very good authority the éclairs are to-die-for.

I couldn’t leave without taking a $2 coconut macaroon with me. Not the trendy Zumbo-style macaroon, the traditional soft, condensed milk style. Divine…this was made for me.

Next time I need an éclair fix I will head straight here to 18 Glebe Point Road, Glebe.

Clipper Cafe
Clipper Café on Urbanspoon

La Banette Pâtisserie
La Banette Pâtisserie on Urbanspoon


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