Go pub grub or go posh: Botany View Hotel

7 Mar
Barramundi quesadilla

Barramundi quesadilla

Botany View Hotel, Newtown (or the Darley Street Bistro to be precise). I’d been meaning to try this place for ages based on favourable recommendations from friends, and I wasn’t disappointed. Typical pub meal procedure: order at the counter, take the buzzer and find a seat upstairs.

I was well pleased with the choice of three blackboard menus, one for standard pub fare, one for more gastro-pub fare and one for desserts. Robert Redford and Shirley Manson went straight for the $16 rump and mash. My first choice was the pork belly confit with corn mash (love you corn), but at the risk of being ridiculed for extravagance I downgraded to the $17 barramundi quesadilla. A very solid option. I was so excited about eating I forgot myself, as seen by the photo with the bite taken out. Slightly embarrassing but I’m telling myself it lends ‘a sense of whimsy’ to the review. Robert and Shirley were happy with their rump and gave an averaged score of 7.65 out of 10. True and unsolicited!

I definitely like this place. It’s really quite noisy upstairs and they messed up our reservation, but the staff were lovely and went out of their way to make up for it. Great option if you want either pub classics or something fancy without the fancy feel. Check out what Urbanspoon has to say or go to 597 King Street, Newtown.

Darley Street Bistro (at Botany View Hotel) on Urbanspoon


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