Lowlight: House Thai, Surry Hills

6 Mar


Don’t believe the hype about House Thai, Surry Hills. Saying it’s a lowlight probably makes it sound worse than what it was. And it was fine. I was just expecting way more bang for my 25 bucks based on rave reviews.

I thought maybe it was my cold-affected tastebuds not working to capacity, but Shania Twain was left feeling underwhelmed as well. The beef soup didn’t have any real flavour even though we asked for it medium spicy, the marinated chicken with dipping sauce was good but not wow, and the sticky rice was a chewy, hard glob we ended up having to dip in the soup so we could break it down.

Then because the rave reviews said we should, we shared a dessert called BTS (Better Than Sex). Yeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh no. Well it was never really going to be, was it? I know, I shouldn’t take things so literally. But if they hadn’t given it such a stupid title, loaded with expectation, I would have probably thought it was nice enough…brioche French toast, pandan/coconut icecream and palm sugar syrup. The bread was just quite dry. Too much toast, not enough French. I would suggest a name change to “On Par with the Worst Sex You Can Remember”.

Maybe we ordered wrong? Whatevs. Lowlight. See for yourself at 202 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills.

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